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How to put student on wireless on Macs or parent owned devices.
Newly reimaged machines are expected to have no wireless on them. Students must put their own wireless details in order to get internet. The department expects all 1:1 or parent owned devices to use ...
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I cant open GarageBand or GarageBand wont save.
The most common issue with Garageband is that it does not download and install properly. It is a 2GB plus download, we highly recommend downloading or upgrading Garageband on your home internet as the...
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Student can't log into Connect.
If a student can't log into connect it will probably be because they changed their password or their password expired and they've forgotten it. Have your teacher reset your password in DAMs. You wil...
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Student having issues downloading Numbers, Pages and Keynote.
Numbers, Pages and Keynote are products found in the iWork package.  They haven't always been free to download for all Mac devices like iPads and Mac desktops, laptops. If a laptop is quite old ...
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Ads or webpages keep opening when I browse the internet, Virus
Ads or popups or webpages open on your computer suggesting you buy antivirus or trying to sell you products, then there is a good chance you've installed Malware  on your machine. Students often ...
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How do I do a backup on a Mac?
As a part of the responsibilities of the device, the school expects that the owner (student/parent) will be doing periodical backups of the device.  We recommend you get a external drive larger ...
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