How to put student on wireless on Macs or parent owned devices.


Newly reimaged machines are expected to have no wireless on them. Students must put their own wireless details in order to get internet.

The department expects all 1:1 or parent owned devices to use the students or staffs personal department user account to authenticate to the wireless.

Select WIRELESS-5 from the list of available wireless networks from the wireless icon in the Mac menubar. 

A authentication box should appear where a student (or staff) should put their department username and password. Student formats for usernames are firstname.surname and may have a number after the surname if there are more then one student with the same name in the system. Staff can look up student user names in DAMs if there is confusion. Students should be fluent with this process as they need this username and password to access email and connect etc.

Once a correct username and password has been entered the machine will ask you to accept the departments wireless certificate > click Continue or Accept. 

The machine will then ask for the username and password of the person currently logged into the machine to add the certificate to that persons certificate store. Type in the username and password of the person currently logged into the laptop.

Make sure you current location is set to SCHOOL. Apple Logo > Location > School.

You should now be able to open a browser (Safari, Firefox or Chrome) and go out to the internet.

If you have any trouble with this process make a ticket on this Helpdesk and we will attend.

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