I cant open GarageBand or GarageBand wont save.


The most common issue with Garageband is that it does not download and install properly. It is a 2GB plus download, we highly recommend downloading or upgrading Garageband on your home internet as the schools internet can be quite slow for this type of download. 

You will need an AppleID to download or upgrade Garageband, we cannot help recover or remember AppleID passwords for you. 

The easiest fix for Garageband not opening is to delete the existing copy of Garageband by going Finder (smiley blue/white face) > Applications > Drag Garageband application to the Trash. You will need administrator access to delete programs from the applications area (ask your teacher or parent to help by having them type in the parent or teacher details for you when it asks).

Open the Apps Store app from the Applications area. Search for Garageband in the Apps Store app. Select install for Garageband > Type in your AppleID when it asks. 

It should attempt a rather large download which we recommend you do at home.

Assuming the download is not interrupted you should now have a working copy of Garageband on your machine.


If Garage band opens but you find you can't save or if wont allow you to open or save a project then often this is because the student has deleted the Music folder from the machine in question.

Open finder (smiley blue/white face) > Select Go from the menu bar > Go to Folder > type the tilder ('~') > Press Enter.

This will take you to the root of your home folder. Inside should be your Pictures, Desktop, Documents and other folders unique to your account. Students often delete or move folders from this area and not realise that it will stop programs from working.

Inside this "home" folder area > right click > New Folder > Then rename the new folder "Music" by slowly double clicking in it and then typing "Music".

Once you reopen Garageband it should work normally. 

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