Student having issues downloading Numbers, Pages and Keynote.


Numbers, Pages and Keynote are products found in the iWork package. 

They haven't always been free to download for all Mac devices like iPads and Mac desktops, laptops. If a laptop is quite old there is a chance you wont be able to download it for free from the Apps Store, you may be required to pay for it. Generally speaking any laptop purchased in the last 4-5 years should be fine.

Open the Apps Store app > Search for Numbers, Pages and Keynote and attempt to download them. We recommend using your home internet to download there titles as they can be rather large and slow to download at school. 

You will need an AppleID in order to download these titles. We cannot help recover or remember AppleID passwords for you. 

Assuming the download is not interrupted you should now have working copies of these applications on your computer.


Unable to download these applications or the Apps store crashes while downloading these titles:

Open finder (smiley blue/white face) > Open the Applications folder > Drag the specific iWorks app you are having trouble with (Keynote, Numbers, Pages) to the trash. 

Reopen Apps Store and attempt to download again using the AppleID again.

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