Ads or webpages keep opening when I browse the internet, Virus


Ads or popups or webpages open on your computer suggesting you buy antivirus or trying to sell you products, then there is a good chance you've installed Malware  on your machine. Students often do this when they install games, or pirated software or attempt to fix other issues with programs promising to make the Mac faster or clean the registry.

Macs haven't had any viruses made specifically for them since 2006 and even then, the chances of catching them would be tiny. While we recommend you research your own protection, its not a big risk to not have any antivirus on a Mac. There are however tonnes of Malware designed for it.

We don't specifically clean Malware installations on parent owned devices. In most cases there will be more then one type of malware on the machine which will take too long to isolate and remove. 

For these types of issues we recommend the machine simply be reimaged. A process that takes about 7 minutes.

It is assumed the machine is periodically being backed up by the owner in case of HDD failure and such. We will always ask a student if they have a backup to restore before reimaging or if they are happy for us to reimage without a backup. At Ashdale PS we have parents confirm they understand we will be reimaging the machine and that they understand the implications before we reimage. 

We are also happy for machines to continue as they are without reimaging. Sometimes reimaging wouldn't really fix the issue if the student would simply reinstall all the malware back onto the device in attempt to get all the games and software on the device again.

Once we confirm with the owner of the device that they are happy for us to reimage the POS/1:1 device we will reimage. We will not however recover or restore backed up data. Personal data is the responsibility of the owner of the device. 

When a device is reimaged we will pass our reimaging information document to the student to pass on to the parent after this process. 

To book a support officer to come and reimage your machine, simply make a ticket on this helpdesk ticket system and we will attend.

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