How do I do a backup on a Mac?


As a part of the responsibilities of the device, the school expects that the owner (student/parent) will be doing periodical backups of the device. 

We recommend you get a external drive larger then your Macbook storage capacity. Macbook Airs (our largest Macbook parent owned device) have a rather small HDD so finding a larger external USB HDD will be rather easy. Older style Macbook Pros may require a more expensive USB backup drive.

The easiest method is to buy a large external HDD. Once Mac OSX has detected you have attached a large blank USB external HDD it should simply ask you if you want to use Time Machine to backup this computer and you say YES.

Or you can attach the large external USB drive go into the System Preferences (grey gear looking icon) > Time Machine > Turn the switch to on and Select the drive you want to use.

This will backup all the contents of your Mac onto one Backup device.


Parents can also choose to use smaller USB thumb drives and occasionally manually copy the contents of their students/own personal files and folders. This will not be a complete backup but its better then nothing.

Load Finder (smiley blue/white face) > Select Go from the Menu bar > Go to folder > Type tilder "~" > Press Enter > Select all files and folders in this "Home" area and then Copy them to the USB drive allocated.

This will be most of your everyday files and folders. You will need to do this for every user on the machine.  

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